Several months ago, I arrived home after a long day at work. I kicked off my shoes, said hello to the pup, and prepared dinner for both of us. We headed outside to the terrace to enjoy some fresh air. As I sipped my chai latte, my exhausted brain began to download. I thought about my work day. More specifically, I thought about one of the event planners with whom I recently had the pleasure of assisting. I work with event planners on a daily basis, but this one in particular, really pulled at my heartstrings in a corporate sense, as she was clearly completely frazzled. She was in charge of a very large conference, and it was her first assignment. Unfortunately, she had not proactively gone through the critical steps required to plan an event. When “show time” began, and hundreds of guests including her superiors began to simultaneously fire requests her way, she began to panic. Our team was happily able to tackle each of the interceptions she encountered, and because all of our resolves were done behind the scenes, we were able to quickly extinguish all concerns while continuing to allow our event planner to shine.

If you are an event planner, you completely understand my “show time” reference.  When the big event arrives, everyone is on stage, and you are the key player.

As I continued reviewing my day, I found myself daydreaming and staring at one of the large trees in our front yard.  It seemed as though its role was to help everyone.  It was providing shade for the pup, one of its lower branches held the small house for a wandering finch, and the limbs of its upper branch was extended to meet and greet the daily red cardinal visit.  I also noticed that the massive length of its tippy top branch was waiting to comfort the hurried squirrel, and it provided every passerby with a sense of peace with its brilliant colored leaves.   All of the tree’s responsibilities could not be accomplished without the roots, aka; the standard operating procedure, the foundation, the detailed steps that were taken from its conception to allow it to grow into a seasoned mature entity that has the ability to fulfill its purpose.

It occurred to me that the role of an event planner is similar to this tree.  Their entire purpose is to provide a service that is unmatched, and the ability to extend a hand to every single one of their guests.  This process requires a foundation, and proper steps to ensure success.

At CDEC, our purpose is the same.  When your organization utilizes our facility, all hands are on deck, and we are always happy to provide above satisfactory service to ensure that your event is flawless.

This blog is to assist our event planners with industry tips, to provide any of our “bloggies” with the inside scoop in terms of what goes on behind the scenes, and to remind all of our guests that we will always provide service with a smile.