Have you ever attended a conference where everything was just absolutely spot on perfect?  You know, the ones where they spelled your name right on your sleeping room reservation, where the timing of the snack breaks were perfectly meshed into the agenda just when your brain absolutely could not download yet another new topic until you consumed more caffeine.  Where the food smelled, looked and tasted delicious, where the bedrooms and facility were incredibly clean, where you weren’t hit with all of the additional wi-fi and parking charges, and where the front desk agent actually had a personality? 

Did you ever reflect, and think, “how could they have possibly made everything look so seamless?”

One word, folks.  Communication.

Your event planner will do the fabulous job of the behind the scenes logistics, as will we, but enabling a flawless event requires a huge amount of clear communication.

At CDEC, we practice extraordinary communication, not only with our staff, but with our meeting planners, and our guests.

We warmly greet, we listen, we provide, and you return.

We get the job done the first time, so that we get the privilege to welcome you a second time.

Communication (or lack thereof) is what will make or break your event.  We believe that listening and paraphrasing from both sides is vital towards the common goal of a successful event.

CDEC utilizes the internal acronym UROCK for each of our employees, with the obvious subliminal message that they clearly rock.  The additional meaning of UROCK is Uplifting, Resilient, Optimistic, Courteous, and Knowledgeable.  CDEC staff and management consistently implement the UROCK goal, not only towards each other, but with every guest, every single day.    

Our staff cannot wait to greet you with their welcoming smiles from the moment that you enter our facility, to wish you safe travels upon your departure, and to welcome you back with gratitude!