If you ever get the chance to take a peek at the behind the scenes level of detail of a CDEC housekeeper, you will truly be amazed.

You might be thinking that cleaning a hotel sleeping room is just the same as cleaning at home.

Nope.  Not even close.

There is a system, a set of guidelines, and a white glove room check with every check in, every stayover, and every check out.

Our housekeepers take their jobs very seriously, and they take pride in knowing that a thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained environment gives each of our guests a feeling of comfort, safety and enjoyment.

We recognize that the recent concern of COVID-19 brings additional heightened concerns, but we would like to remind all of our guests that not only do we meet all required precautions, we exceed them.  We do so, because we have already had years of practice in place with regard to the highest cleaning standards possible!

Our high standard of room inspections sets apart from others, and it is our pleasure to show off our level of cleanliness!