From the onset of any hospitality training, all employees are taught to use their smiles. It’s what we do. We enthusiastically greet you with a “welcome to our facility smile”, we continue to warmly share our “we are glad that you are here smile” during your visit, and we provide you with that special “see you again smile” upon your departure.

Covid-19 presented us with a challenge. It forced us to mask our smiles. However, as always, CDEC utilized the back up plan, and we were soon reminded that although our mouth smiles were masked, we have the ability to smile with our eyes.

And so, we smile. We smile behind the mask. We know that you see us, because your eyes smile back.

At CDEC we view every challenge as a learning opportunity.

This pandemic has taught us to make even more of a human connection, to continue to respect and care for our fellow human beings, to recognize and care for those in need, and to continue to do what we do in the service industry….to cater to you, and to continue to do so regardless of the circumstances.

Our smiles might be covered, but they are still here….you just have to look a little closer.

As Covid-19 slowly says good bye, and we hope that it happens soon, we will look it directly in the eye with a message that we will never convey to another, “do not return”.