Camp Dawson Event Center (CDEC) is a state-of-the-art government hotel and conference facility composed of an expert group of civilian hospitality industry employees.  Each of our employees take pride in providing stellar accommodations and customer service for guests who are authorized to utilize our venue.  Established by WV State Code, § 15-1H, Camp Dawson Event Center may provide services to all military branches and any Federal, State (of WV), Local or other governmental entity with the intent of using Camp Dawson in an official conference/training capacity.

By managing accommodations, conference/event services and food services, our vision is to become a renowned event center, to increase our per-year overall occupancy, expand our guest amenities and steadily and consistently reward our employees.

Our mission is to always find a way to say yes to our guests, to be innovative and creative until a successful result is achieved, to provide quality and hospitable accommodations and services to our guests and to provide all of this at an unparalleled price.