We’ve taken the Mountaineer Country Commitment to Safety Pledge. This seal represents our commitment to higher safety standards for employees and customers in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about the Mountaineer Country Commitment to Safety by visiting online.

General Information

-Camp Dawson is official use only. Employees and those who have scheduled training through Post Operations are the only personnel permitted on Post. Dependents are not authorized to accompany official users. 
Masks and social distancing are mandatory in all areas of Camp Dawson at all times. 
-While working in private offices or working behind sneeze guards, employees may remove their masks.
-Services will not be provided to those not wearing masks.

Liberty Restaurant & Lounge

-Indoor seating capacity is limited to 50% (approximately 30 people). 
-Seating on the patio is permitted; however, chairs and tables may not be moved. 
-Guests should remain masked until they are seated and should re-mask when they leave their table. 
-No smoking is permitted in the courtyard outside of the Liberty Restaurant.  Smoking should occur in designated areas only.  See the Front Desk for specific locations.
-Only food and beverages purchased from the Liberty Restaurant may be consumed inside or in the courtyard outside of the restaurant.
-The bar is open after 5pm.

Dining Facility

-Indoor seating capacity is limited to 75%. 

Multi-Purpose Building

-All personnel who enter the Multi-Purpose Building must be masked and must sign in. 
-Personnel working out are not expected to stay masked while exercising as long as they are maintaining a social distance from others. Upon completion of exercising, users must re-mask. 
-Group sports; such as, basketball and volleyball, are not permitted.

The Wall Locker (PX)

-Guests must maintain a social distance from one another and follow the directional arrows when shopping. 


-In-room binders detail the cleaning schedule for the hotel and cottages.
-Due to COVID-19 the process of cleaning rooms may take longer than expected. Guests may experience occasional delays with Housekeeping Services.

Front Desk

-The Front Desk is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


-The pool is open for those permitted on Post. Pool keys must be signed out at the Front Desk.