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Camp Dawson is a WV National Guard Training Center that provides a training venue for all branches of the military. The state-of-the-art event and conference center may also host government entities and approved non-profit organizations that are utilizing the space for official conferences or events.

Camp Dawson Event Center

Camp Dawson Event Center is not a place, but a non-profit organization comprised of a group of dedicated civilian employees that manage the hotel, housekeeping, restaurant, retail store, gym and conference services to support the Soldiers and government employees training at Camp Dawson.

Camp Dawson Event Center is a non-profit organization established by West Virginia State Code ยง15-1H in order to manage facilities such as the Liberty Restaurant, Lodging, Unaccompanied Housing and the Gym. The Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard is authorized to establish a non-appropriated fund instrumentality for the purpose of not only creating these types of facilities, but appointing a board of directors and through them, hire employees, to manage the facilities.

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Camp Dawson says yes to our guests

Always find a way to say yes to our guests

Camp Dawson is innovative and creative

Be innovative and creative until a successful result is achieved

Camp Dawson provides hospitable and quality accommodations

Provide hospitable and quality accommodations and services to our guests

Camp Dawson provides service at an unparalleled price

To provide all of this at an unparalleled price

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